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Pit fire

Occasionally I lead a pit-fire in the woods in Wellfleet.

Please contact me if you are interested in this for yourself or a group.

Experiment with the fire, minerals and combustibles to create deep carbon blacks to rich coppery reds. Last year our fire reached 1600 F. Come with pots, sculptures, test pieces and sawdust, straw, wood, seaweed, compost, and other combustibles.
I will supply limited combustibles and minerals

Who: Potters, students, artists, anyone who loves a fire
What: Pit Fire
When: TBD
Where: Wellfleet MA
Why: A brush burn used to fire pots is a brush burn with a double purpose!


A bag lunch to eat at noon.

Bisque clay pieces: any clay, preferably burnished and
bisque fired to Cone^08 or lower.

Combustibles : firewood, scrap wood, sawdust, straw, etc.
Bring about the same volume of burnable materials as pieces to fire.
See the technical info for material preparation.

Click here for pit fire preparation info

Call 617-547-5513 or


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